Over 3800 banquet performances in 47 states and 14 countries.

A celebrity among magicians,

Walter Blaney is known throughout the world for his original magic inventions. He has amazed many top professional magicians for years. His illusions have been used by Magic's finest, David Copperfield, Lance Burton and Siegfried & Roy. read more

Get ready to laugh!...

Here's a show that is certain to have your audience holding their sides and wiping their eyes. A legend of the convention and banquet circuit, Walter Blaney has been officially commissioned " Ambassador of Good Will " by six Governors.
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Applause and Accolades...

Following an appearance by Blaney, many program planners say the response they hear most often is " How are you going to top this next year?" read more

Demo Video

This 15 minute video is a must see. It shows excerpts of a typical, live, exciting banquet appearance. It will make YOU laugh out loud Click Here

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